I really should be doing something else…

Here’s a list of everything I should be doing right now:

  • I should probably be interacting with Freddie and keeping him awake for another half an hour or so to keep him in line with his routine. I’m sure he’s losing 3627845272920 brain cells by me letting him drift off on his own instead and proper mums everywhere will be screaming at me!
  • Tidying the living room because, to be honest, it’s not had a proper clean in the 11 weeks since Freddie arrived, just the odd straighten up when the health visitor is due.
  • Doing the washing up that didn’t get done last night
  • Cleaning the oven. I bought oven pride specifically for this task…3 weeks ago.
  • Putting away the laundry because there’s 3 baskets full cluttering up the back of my kitchen
  • Sorting out bottles for Freddie.
  • Sorting out my visa because I go to New York in 28 days.
  • Blasting out Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, because I go to New York in 28 day and have stepped foot in the gym precisely once in the last year.
  • Cleaning the fish tanks despite the fact I never wanted two bloody huge fish tanks and I said I would never ever clean them, but apparently neither will my fiancé!
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning my bedroom
  • Cleaning Layla’s bedroom
  • Posting my agreement for student finance


Heres a list of everything I am doing right now

  • Making to-do lists that are just getting me down
  • Rocking Freddie’s chair with my foot
  • Eating Aldi’s own brand Weetos. Which, coincidentally, are a million times better than actual Weetos!


Maybe I will spend this week working through the first list. Maybe I’ll eat more chocolate cereal. Who knows?




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