Procrastinating, again.

So, yesterday I posted a massive to do list and guilted myself into actually doing some of them. I wonder if I do the same again, will it work twice in a row. I doubt it. All I feel like doing today is wandering round Ikea buying useless things for the house we don’t need. Or that we don’t need for this house more to the point. I cannot wait to get out of the house we’re in at the minute, though most people can’t understand why. Allow me to explain.

We currently rent off my sister who has said we can rent for as long as we want and as soon as we’re in a position to buy, we can have it from her at a discounted rate. Sounds perfect, right? No. It’s a two bed semi which was perfect 12 months ago when it was just me, Liam and his daughter Layla-Mae at weekends. Layla had her own room, we have a nice garden for our dog Mia, it’s on a quiet street. However, we now have Freddie. Ok, for now he’s in our room with us but in 6 months time we are going to have to look at moving him out. Though I know Layla definitely will not mind sharing with her brother while she’s here I want her to have her own room. I love her like my own daughter and I never want her to feel like she is coming second to Freddie, especially as she gets older she is going to need her own space. This means we would need to convert the loft into a third bedroom, which means spending several thousand pounds on a house we don’t even own and taking us further away from a mortgage.

There is also the fact that although my sister lived here for 10 years with her partner and two children, she never did anything with it other than basic upkeep. The kitchen needs re-painting, the cupboards need replacing, it needs a new toilet, the tiling in the bathroom needs updating, the carpet in the living room needs taking up and replacing. The list is endless really. Now I know I could do all of these things myself, and I would. IF it was my house. While I know my sister would never sell it from under me and she would never kick us out (for one, we have the tenancy agreement binding us!) it’s a lot of time, effort and money to put into something that isn’t yours. And the more money we spend doing this house up is less money in our savings pot (HA! If you can call it that). To be honest, living in a house that I am not happy with is starting to get me down a little bit.

Because of all this we’ve decided to rent elsewhere. Somewhere that is completely maintained by someone else, and with no work needed to it so we can concentrate on getting our foot on the property ladder. I cannot wait! I guess in the meantime I should crack on with this list. I did actually do everything in bold yesterday, go me!


  • Tidying the living room because, to be honest, it’s not had a proper clean in the 11 weeks since Freddie arrived, just the odd straighten up when the health visitor is due.
  • Doing the washing up that didn’t get done last night
  • Cleaning the oven. I bought oven pride specifically for this task…3 weeks ago.
  • Putting away the laundry because there’s 3 baskets full cluttering up the back of my kitchen
  • Sorting out bottles for Freddie.
  • Sorting out my visa because I go to New York in 28 days.
  • Blasting out Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, because I go to New York in 28 day and have stepped foot in the gym precisely once in the last year.
  • Cleaning the fish tanks despite the fact I never wanted two bloody huge fish tanks and I said I would never ever clean them, but apparently neither will my fiancé!
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning my bedroom
  • Cleaning Layla’s bedroom
  • Posting my agreement for student finance


Maybe I’ll just sit and stare at this face some more first though!



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