Stop growing, baby bear! 

3:30am and yet again I can’t sleep after waking up for Freddie’s feed. I’ve done the washing up, I’ve read several blogs, repeatedly refreshed my Facebook and Instagram feeds and even had a few games of bingo, yet here I am. Wide a-bloody-wake. 

So I started looking at old (old? OLD!? He’s only 12 weeks woman!) photos of Freddie and I just want to freeze time. I can’t get over how much he’s grown in such a short space of time. He’s almost double his birth weight, up from 8lbs to 14lbs 15oz and I am not ok with this. I can only imagine what sort of emotional wreck I’ll be at all of his birthdays! 

Week one vs week twelve. Where has my tiny baby gone? 

He’s now holding his head up, trying to stick his tongue out when you do, cooing and gurgling, bearing weight on his legs (he even pushes himself up to stand from sitting when you hold his hands!) and he is so close to giving us a real belly laugh. And me? Well I’m still trying to master not crying with happiness everyone I look at him. I can’t say it’s going too well to be honest! 


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